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Gerphos - novel halogen-free flame retardant for PU microfiber

Gulec Chemicals announces the launch of a novel halogen-free flame retardant for polyurethane Microfiber. Owing to its unique design this novel Gerphos flame retardant withstands the demanding production conditions of PU Microfiber.

PU Microfiber as latest synthetic leather technology is providing the end product a similar touch feeling as genuine leather along with outstanding features such as very good breathability, lightweight and excellent mechanical properties.

Key markets such as automotive and contract furniture offer vast chances to PU microfiber if among others major requirements such as flame retardancy, non-halogens, low smoke density and VOC are met.

Novel Gerphos flame retardant for PU Microfiber provides halogen-free and smoke-free flame retardancy. It is resistant to hydrolysis and fogging while fully compatible with the polyurethane resin.
Gerphos FR treated PU microfiber synthetic leather products do pass GB8410, FMVSS302, DIN75200 and other automotive fire tests.
Environmental concerns have gained in importance in China which resulted in their emphasis in the latest five-year plan (2016-2020). New environmental protection measures have been formulated and implemented among which the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is representing a major goal. Considering this the polyurethane synthetic leather market is moving towards a solvent-free way of production such as water-borne microfiber.
Gerphos flame retardants offer a variety of polymer based solutions for this young generation of PU microfiber, making it fit for automotive and contract furniture application.

Gulec Chemicals as a manufacturer of tailor-made, advanced speciality chemical solutions is committed to true customer orientation and personal support.

Our aspiration is the strong focus on our customers' requirements and goals. Our processes are flexibly tailored to our aim to achieve optimum results for our customers. It goes without saying that our customers are supported exclusively by experienced Gulec staff.

Exhibitor: Gulec Chemicals GmbH

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